I underestimated how difficult making this podcast was going to be. I have experience working with music programs since one of my closest friends is a producer, which made me think this was going to be a lot easier than it was. My biggest mistake was waiting until the last minute to get this project done. The most difficult part of creating this podcast might have been splicing the first song and getting it to sound well together. I started with one song that was too hard to splice because wherever I split the track it never matched up. After that I ended up using another song that was much easier to splice. From there I did the voice recording which took me at least 10 takes to get right, and I’m not too happy with that portion of the podcast, but I am happy with the overall body of work. I know that I can produce a better finished product than the one I have and in the future just for entertainment purposes I may create another podcast. Being that I am a Communication major, there may be plenty of opportunities that I will have to create podcasts or using garage band to create an audio file. However, I may use my new skills to create personal mixes with songs and voice recordings just to play with, especially since I plan on continuing to use this blog in the future. The more practice I have using garage band the better I will get, once I feel my skills are up to par I will create another podcast for this blog.