Condescending Wonka

After reading about Condescending Wonka on Know Your Meme, I found that this image is from the 1971 movie Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Wonka, is played by Gene Wilder, which you see in the meme. This specific photo comes from a scene in the movie where he is asking children who are taking a tour of the factory, if they would like to see his new creation the Everlasting Gobstopper. What I find funny about this meme is that it emphasizes you have to have a certain amount of sneakers to be a sneakerhead. Being a sneakerhead isn’t about how many sneakers you have but the knowledge you have of the sneaker, the sentimental value that sneakers hold to you, your knowledge of sneaker culture, and what sneaker culture means to you. My motto when it comes to sneakers is quality over quantity. Meaning you should invest in quality made sneakers that may be rare or have sentimental value to you. The one misconception about being a sneakerhead that sneakerheads have is that you have to own a large collection of sneakers to be a sneakerhead. There are people who may have less than 10 pairs of sneakers by choice because they love the ones they have and wear them frequently. These people may have more knowledge than someone who owns 50 plus pairs of sneakers and are waiting in line every Saturday for a poorly made Jordan retro. My point is buy what you like and wear them, don’t worry about what others think of your collection.