Screencasting was really the easiest thing that we have done so far, while building this blog. Jing is simple and fun to use. It took me less than 5 minutes to create my screencast, and I didn’t have to watch any tutorials or read about it because its all self-explanatory. Since I chose to make my blog about sneakers, I chose to make my screencast about another popular sneaker blog, Nice Kicks. I basically took a tour of the blog showing different features of the blogs, and some of my favorite weekly posts. One thing I like most about Nice Kicks is how easy it is to navigate, the layout is simple and clean and allows you to go directly where you want to go.


Jing is definetly a useful tool and for anyone who need to create some type of tutorial. I don’t know if I see Jing being useful in the future, but it is a great tool to know how to use. I think this program would most benefit graphic designers, producers, and businesses who need to help visualize things for their audience. Companies who have products that are difficult to use could make screencasts and use them as a guiding tool for their customers.