Nike Unveils Performance Innovations for Summer 2012

In this video Nike executives talk about new and innovative technology that they have created in time for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England. The highlight of this video for me is the unveiling of the Flyknit Racer and the Flyknit Trainers. These are some of the lightest and best fitting shoes Nike has ever made in my opinion. After recently purchasing a pair, I want to buy more in almost every color. During the summer select Nike held an event at select Nike stores, where if you bought a pair of Flyknit Trainers or Racers they would steam fit them to your foot. Basically, they mold the shoe to your foot for a better fit by steaming them. I can only imagine how well they fit when they were steamed, I bought my pair online and did not get them steamed and they fit great.

This video is credited to ReutersRedRobotWorld. I do not own nor did I create this video. My blog is a nonprofit blog with educational purposes. This specific video is from February of 2012 and I do not it will effect Nike’s sales or the sneaker market in general, but will educate viewers on the use of Nike’s innovative technology. The video was found on Creative Commons, which makes it available for use by anyone.