Building My Header

Designing my header was probably the most difficult part of building this blog so far. It took me hours to design my banner to make it look presentable. I am not completely happy with the way it looks, but I will work on it more in the future. I watched the tutorial over and over, but nothing was working out the way it went on the tutorial. First I watched the tutorial and tried everything myself, but it wasn’t working the way it did on the tutorial. Since that didn’t work, I watched the tutorial and started designing the header step by step. One part that I really struggled with was the dimensions of my header. After finding the dimension of my header, I had to come up with dimensions for the second layer in the banner. Removing the background from the picture of the sneaker was difficult as well because when I tried to remove all of the white, the white parts on the shoe were getting deleted as well. The easiest part was finding the pictures for the banner. For the background I used elephant print from the Air Jordan 3 and the top layer was the Black Air Jordan 3 itself. Although, I found it to be frustrating, Pixlr can definitely be helpful when building websites or blogs. I don’t know if I ever see myself using Pixlr again, unless I have to.