Condescending Wonka

After reading about Condescending Wonka on Know Your Meme, I found that this image is from the 1971 movie Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Wonka, is played by Gene Wilder, which you see in the meme. This specific photo comes from a scene in the movie where he is asking children who are taking a tour of the factory, if they would like to see his new creation the Everlasting Gobstopper. What I find funny about this meme is that it emphasizes you have to have a certain amount of sneakers to be a sneakerhead. Being a sneakerhead isn’t about how many sneakers you have but the knowledge you have of the sneaker, the sentimental value that sneakers hold to you, your knowledge of sneaker culture, and what sneaker culture means to you. My motto when it comes to sneakers is quality over quantity. Meaning you should invest in quality made sneakers that may be rare or have sentimental value to you. The one misconception about being a sneakerhead that sneakerheads have is that you have to own a large collection of sneakers to be a sneakerhead. There are people who may have less than 10 pairs of sneakers by choice because they love the ones they have and wear them frequently. These people may have more knowledge than someone who owns 50 plus pairs of sneakers and are waiting in line every Saturday for a poorly made Jordan retro. My point is buy what you like and wear them, don’t worry about what others think of your collection.


Nike Unveils Performance Innovations for Summer 2012

In this video Nike executives talk about new and innovative technology that they have created in time for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England. The highlight of this video for me is the unveiling of the Flyknit Racer and the Flyknit Trainers. These are some of the lightest and best fitting shoes Nike has ever made in my opinion. After recently purchasing a pair, I want to buy more in almost every color. During the summer select Nike held an event at select Nike stores, where if you bought a pair of Flyknit Trainers or Racers they would steam fit them to your foot. Basically, they mold the shoe to your foot for a better fit by steaming them. I can only imagine how well they fit when they were steamed, I bought my pair online and did not get them steamed and they fit great.

This video is credited to ReutersRedRobotWorld. I do not own nor did I create this video. My blog is a nonprofit blog with educational purposes. This specific video is from February of 2012 and I do not it will effect Nike’s sales or the sneaker market in general, but will educate viewers on the use of Nike’s innovative technology. The video was found on Creative Commons, which makes it available for use by anyone.

Marketing My Blog

Hello Everyone,

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of views on my blog, but I would like to increase the amount of views I am getting. Marketing my blog on other social networks will help me generate more views, whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or even posting a link to my blog on your blog. The two most effective social networking sites I believe would help most are Twitter and Facebook. There are millions of people on Facebook and Twitter and a lot of times your followers or friends have the same interests, and if they see you like my blog maybe I can convert them into following my blog daily. I will also have to do my part to promote my blog as well as generate more content to keep my readers interested. I want to change the way people look at sneakers and give more insight to people who may not understand sneaker culture, but it will be hard to do that when I am not generating enough views. Hopefully this marketing plan will generate more views, the more views I have the better chance I have to change the way people think about sneaker culture.


Nike Air Footscape Woven Chukka Knit

photo 1

The Nike Footscape is not a sneaker that you will see a lot of people wearing because of it’s design. Personally, I love this shoe. It is very different from a lot of other shoes out there and probably the most comfortable too. Anyone who owns a Footscape knows what I am talking about. This is the most comfortable shoe I have ever owned. I searched high and low for these. The first place I found them was a store that was based out of England but they were sold out. After doing some research I found that Corporate Sneaker Boutique in Cincinnati had them. Once I found that out i ordered them right away.  I love the little details on the shoe especially the speckled green nylon woven panelling. This colorway is one of my favorites. For anyone who is interested in buying a Footscape, one thing you should know is that they do run big. I usually wear an 8.5 but I got an 8 and still have a little extra room in them. I haven’t worn these yet, but once the weather breaks I’ll definitely be wearing these around campus.

photo 2-1


These retail for $150, although they sold out most places you’ll still be able to find them pretty close to retail. Also check out the Night Stadium colorway as well.



Screencasting was really the easiest thing that we have done so far, while building this blog. Jing is simple and fun to use. It took me less than 5 minutes to create my screencast, and I didn’t have to watch any tutorials or read about it because its all self-explanatory. Since I chose to make my blog about sneakers, I chose to make my screencast about another popular sneaker blog, Nice Kicks. I basically took a tour of the blog showing different features of the blogs, and some of my favorite weekly posts. One thing I like most about Nice Kicks is how easy it is to navigate, the layout is simple and clean and allows you to go directly where you want to go.


Jing is definetly a useful tool and for anyone who need to create some type of tutorial. I don’t know if I see Jing being useful in the future, but it is a great tool to know how to use. I think this program would most benefit graphic designers, producers, and businesses who need to help visualize things for their audience. Companies who have products that are difficult to use could make screencasts and use them as a guiding tool for their customers.


I underestimated how difficult making this podcast was going to be. I have experience working with music programs since one of my closest friends is a producer, which made me think this was going to be a lot easier than it was. My biggest mistake was waiting until the last minute to get this project done. The most difficult part of creating this podcast might have been splicing the first song and getting it to sound well together. I started with one song that was too hard to splice because wherever I split the track it never matched up. After that I ended up using another song that was much easier to splice. From there I did the voice recording which took me at least 10 takes to get right, and I’m not too happy with that portion of the podcast, but I am happy with the overall body of work. I know that I can produce a better finished product than the one I have and in the future just for entertainment purposes I may create another podcast. Being that I am a Communication major, there may be plenty of opportunities that I will have to create podcasts or using garage band to create an audio file. However, I may use my new skills to create personal mixes with songs and voice recordings just to play with, especially since I plan on continuing to use this blog in the future. The more practice I have using garage band the better I will get, once I feel my skills are up to par I will create another podcast for this blog.

Building My Header

Designing my header was probably the most difficult part of building this blog so far. It took me hours to design my banner to make it look presentable. I am not completely happy with the way it looks, but I will work on it more in the future. I watched the tutorial over and over, but nothing was working out the way it went on the tutorial. First I watched the tutorial and tried everything myself, but it wasn’t working the way it did on the tutorial. Since that didn’t work, I watched the tutorial and started designing the header step by step. One part that I really struggled with was the dimensions of my header. After finding the dimension of my header, I had to come up with dimensions for the second layer in the banner. Removing the background from the picture of the sneaker was difficult as well because when I tried to remove all of the white, the white parts on the shoe were getting deleted as well. The easiest part was finding the pictures for the banner. For the background I used elephant print from the Air Jordan 3 and the top layer was the Black Air Jordan 3 itself. Although, I found it to be frustrating, Pixlr can definitely be helpful when building websites or blogs. I don’t know if I ever see myself using Pixlr again, unless I have to. 

Air Jordan 1 Royal

The Air Jordan 1 was the shoe to started it all for Nike and Jordan Brand together. Released in 1985, Tinker Hatfield, designer, and Michael Jordan constructed a shoe that would banned by Commissioner David Stern. The original colorway was black and red with a white midsole. The shoe was banned due to a lack of white within the shoe. This lead to Nike releasing a multitude of colorways for their new Jordan Brand. Which brings us to the Royal Air Jordan 1, these have not seen a re-release since 2001. Finally, Jordan & Nike have decided to bring them back with a release date set for February 16th, with a retail price of $140, $75 more than the original price in 1985.

This shoe is my Holy Grail of sneakers. I have been searching high and low for this shoe finally, my search will come to an end. With this being one of the most anticipated releases of the year, they will be hard to come by. Getting one pair will be a difficult task alone in itself, yet I plan on buying two pair if I am lucky enough.

Blog Set-Up

This was not my first time blogging, however this was my first time using WordPress. It took me an hour or two to learn the ins and out of WordPress, but once I got it down it was smooth sailing from there. The hardest part was choosing a theme that i thought would look good with the content of my blog. From the time i started building the blog to the time i made my first post took about two hours. Overall, it was a fun experience and I am excited to begin my journey through class building this blog.